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We Provide Services for Students in Houston and Pearland

Premier Educational Services is one of the leading educational resources for students and parents in Houston and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of educational programs including academic tutoring, educational advocacy, homeschool, social skills, college readiness and life coaching. Together, we share a common goal with parents and academic institutions – which is to make students excel in all areas of their life.

About Us

We are well-qualified for the job. Take a look at some of our credentials below:

  • 1000+ Hours of Educational Training

  • Texas Certified and Highly Qualified Teachers in all subjects

  • Certified Special Education Teachers

  • Bilingual Teachers (Spanish)

  • CPR and First Aid Certified

  • Capturing Kids Heart & Teen Leadership Certification

10 Reasons to Choose Us 

Christian led company (we do not impose our beliefs on others)Family owned and operatedExcellent communicationStructured environmentAge appropriate lessons and activitiesDiverse ClienteleOpen door policyMulti-Level Curriculum which includes Texas State Standards (TEKS)Safe and Secure environmentTeachers go above and beyond for all students


Through a multi-level rigorous curriculum and a culturally diverse program, Premier Educational Services educates ALL scholars to be independent, respectful, successful, ambitious, and a TRUE Leader among their peers, family, community and school.


Be you, be TRUE, and you will be amazed by the remarkable things you can do.

Our Promise 

  • We Promise to Adore and Treasure All Your Special Moments and Milestones

  • We Promise to Be Fair, Firm and Loving

  • We Promise to Embrace You with Open Arms and Love You Just Like Your Parents

  • We Promise to Give You Positive Encouragement and Sincere Praise

  • We Promise to Help You Aim High and Achieve All Your Goals and Dreams

  • We Promise to Introduce You to a World Created for Learning and Exploring

  • We Promise to Listen with an Open Ear and a Kind Heart

  • We Promise to Open Our Hearts to You

  • We Promise to Pick You Up When You Fall

  • We Promise to Sprinkle a Little Magic and Joy in Your Life Everyday

  • We Promise to Walk with You Every Step of the Way and Hold Your Hand if Needed

Our Values 

Know your own personal VALUE and self-worth at ALL times. Be a TRUE Leader for yourself and the people around you.

T = We Have the Tenacity to Aim High and Achieve Our Goals Each and Every Day

R = We Respect Ourselves and Others at all Times

U = We Possess Our Own Uniqueness and Creativity

E = We Strive for Excellence in Everything We Do

Our Facility 

Private comfortable educational environment


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We want your child to have a love of learning that will stay with them for a lifetime. Schedule a consultation to learn how we can help meet your goals.

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